Les experiences de nos éleves

I was very exited because I had never travelled by plane. All the trips, by plane and by train, were very calm. At the rail station all the Italian families were waiting for us. After that we went to dinner pizza. The first night I was very embarrassed in fron of the family but in the following days they showed me that they were very nice and friendly. We talked in English and we mutually taught Italian and Spanish. In the school all the children wanted to know us! It was a madness of presentations and messenger exchanges!

We visited a church of Sant Nicola la Strada, the mayor gave a speech, and then we visited a museum. The next day we went to the Solfatara, a crater of a volcano which ejects smelly gases; and we also visited some towns near Naples.

The show of the Wednesday was really good! All the public was very happy and excited! We danced some dances from the procession of the Corpus Christi.

At night we were at restaurant and said goodbye to all the friends from Italy. On Thursday we took by train to Rome; we visied Rome and then flew back to Spain.

Mireia Argente Moreno


Been in Italy was an unforgettable experience. All my Italian friends were very nice, and I think in Italy there are nicer people than in Spain. When we walked around the streets, we saw a lot of different things with regards to Spain, and it was funny.

If somebody asks me about going to Italy again, I will say: yes, of course! I like very much that country and the Italian people.

Àlvar Machí